Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great start for 2013. It is my great pleasure to blog for Sports Road Hong Kong, a zone for professional athletes to share their lives and thoughts – what a way to start off my year!

   My name is Ivan Lo, the current Hong Kong No.1 Triathlete and 2 times Under 23 Asian Championships medalist (Gold 2010, Silver 2012). I am also a competitive runner and ranked 2nd overall in 10K in Hong Kong.

I’m quite a traveller, but most of my overseas experiences are from New Zealand. For the past four and a half years, I was granted the opportunities to study at University of Canterbury and was able to train with elite triathletes. The Kiwis taught me invaluable lessons and helped significantly to shape me into who I am now.


   Yet I am not only a student-athlete. I own a company called Specialised Elite Coaching Limited (Team SEC). It offers athletic programme for children aged 6 and over, personal training. My two partners are former representatives of the Great Britain athletics team. Team SEC is expanding its services; I’m including sports management agency.

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Back to present, I just got back from my off-season holiday in the UK. The weather was freezing and cold, I hardly could train, but I still went out to brave the weather.

I went to the forest for biking in the mud with my mountain bike, ran along the river – a non-typical running path that strengthens my legs, swam in a standard training pool. Because of all those adventures, I didn’t put on weight from the holiday but I did spend some money on the shopping. My wallet lost weight.


 Anyway, I had a bad race in HK since I got back from the holiday 2 weeks ago, came 2nd. Pretty average as without any quality works in the UK, not happy with that. Afterward, I had a great birthday party with all of my mates, had a great time. What a fun and memorable night.


 I started to train really hard last week and. put in a lot good efforts during training block. I gradually got back in shape.

Another 4 weeks block then will be the Standard Charter 10k Championships in HK. There are few stronger competitors who can easily kill the filed. Let me name them – my good friend Clinton Mack , who was the 1500m runner of AUS National Athletic Team. Daniel Lee, who was the Ex HK No.1, Asia Rank Top 3 and Asian Game Silver medalist, I heard that he will have a big come back from retiring and I am looking forward to his return. Andrew Wright, my ex personal triathlon coach, is also an outstanding triathlete and a good runner in HK. I was only 2nd in 2012, but I fear not the fierce race this year.

Now, I am with my new coach Patrick Kelly, who is the former Canada Olympic Triathlon head coach. He is now the HK National Triathlon head coach. I truly believe in his ability to coach because he had some successful athletes under his wings before. I am so glad to be part of his legacy. I am sure I will have a great 2013 season. Thanks to PK for the amazing partnership.


 I would also like to thank to my two great training partners Perry Wong, who is the up coming top gun triathlete in HK and Asia. Gi Ka Man the most famous local long distance runner. They both helped me out in these 3 events very much the last couple of months. The training been going well positive.

Finally, I need to say thanks to my 2013 brand new individual sponsors team, they are the most amazing sponsors I’ve even had in my life.

Quote of the day – Suffering Today, Winning Tomorrow.

 Many thanks for reading it and catch up soon guys!


29th January 2013