PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR HIGHER EDUCATION: IT’S FACTS GUIDING, IN NO WAY DOING Have you any idea a parent who also attended a strong Ivy little league school and also obsessed about their child wedding event the same school? Have custom writing help you heard of parents who attended Texas A& M and even insisted that will their children sign up for as well?

Being a mother or is about leading, not performing . Your adage the fact that implies ‘teaching is more lucrative than doing’ holds true with the teenagers likewise. It’s important to fantastic upon your youngsters the importance of an education. It’s not beneficial to ram a particular college affordable their throats and inform them if they want to attend college it will be take your pick. That’s not parenting, that’s dictating. And while being a parent requires a certain amount of guidelines, it does not advantage your child to be able to force them all into a conclusion that does not fit with their romance .

By subtracting the time to coach your child easy methods to apply for scholarships or school funding, how to get financial aid, as well as how to fill out a university application, you might be teaching the property to become independent. You are offering them with capabilities that will transport over in to the job market in addition to into their everyday life when they start out their own family members . If you undertake it on their behalf, they won’t know anything and will eventually continue to be dependent on you meant for other chores as well.

But , how can you teach them minus the right instruments? How can you help them to prepare for his or her college yrs if you failed to go your self and have little idea where to begin? Necessary I’m at this point! To help you find the correct tools that can help your teen become successful. If you have the equipment and have learned to use them, you may guide the future college student with assurance and be sure that this college expertise is privately and scholastically beneficial.

It’s actual all about the perfect tools for your job. Now i’m here to help you . In case you have a question around college prep, please submit it here and I will be happy to assistance. I’ve been certainly, there myself and that i know how intensified it can be. Besides know how significant it is that they are prepared.


The very 2008-2009 the school year will be upon us soon to an terminate. Seniors shall be graduating as well as moving on to school, technical class or swap school. Youngsters will basically be mature adults with a stressful year when them previously walking across that cycle next Can or Summer. Senior calendar year is NOT you a chance to coast , relax as well as develop senioritis. It’s the the perfect time to get your ducks within the row you need to a timeline for higher education planning . Here’s many suggestions by experience which could help.


  1. Start out refining your company college catalog by observing college adventures online and figuring out which academic institutions you would like to go after further by visiting and looking for an accès interview.
  2. Conduct some online perform tests within the SAT and ACT to discover your weak spots. Spend time above the summer pursuing and giving you better vocabulary, numbers skills and also essay techniques.
  3. Start authoring your application works and elaboration them so they really will be expecting submission.


  1. Register for the main SAT and even ACT
  2. Come across your graduating high school counselor and ensure your classes are on keep tabs on for the schools you have chosen and review your instructional record intended for accuracy.
  3. Talk to admissions associates who arrived at your university and be present at the college fair. Make sure you get business cards to help you to follow up over the application approach.
  4. Plan higher education visits and even schedule programs interviews while on campus.


  1. Take SEATED and BEHAVE tests
  2. Supply teacher suggestions forms on your teachers and the school document form for a counselor to offer ample time to completion as a part of your school applications.

Don’t forget national

  1. Register for KOMMET Subject studies to be taken keep away from.
  2. Begin planning to purchase your university applications and make sure you have all of components finalized and ready for submission.

The holiday season

  1. Submit your own financial aid CSS/PROFILE to the ideal colleges.
  2. Get yourself a copy from the FAFSA and start preparing to finished it at the begining of January. Make sure you are familiar with the design and required financial informations required.
  3. Period SAT Theme Tests
  4. Snail mail your institution applications JUST BEFORE your cold weather break. Hold copies about everything you ship and give the balms and styles via certified/return receipt snail mail. If you apply online, deliver the additional styles via your mailbox.


  1. Finished the FAFSA online the main week with January. Understand that Financial Aid is dependent upon completion of this and you MUST make it a priority.
  2. Study very difficult and do very well on your mid-semester exams.


  1. Check to make sure that your mid-year transcript is normally sent to every one of the colleges you may have applied to. This is important. Your prizes, aid as well as scholarships count on the invoice of this high school transcript.
  2. Contact your colleges to make sure receipt belonging to the transcript together with ascertain if they are in need of any additional information.


  1. Watch for your company SAR (Student Aid Report) in the postal mail and evaluation it diligently. Make just about any corrections that might be needed as well as return the idea immediately.
  2. Post your SAR and essential tax methods to the college funds office. Get in touch with each college’s financial aid home office to verify your application can be complete and they have all the styles they require. Also this is VERY IMPORTANT.


  1. College approval letters begin to arrive. Review your financial aid merit packages in addition to compare often the colleges.
  2. Make your final decision that college you would like to attend and also mail the very acceptance kind along with the leave. Also communicate with the schools you will not be wedding and reception and advise them to consider you away their list. This will open spaces for students who are wait around listed.


  1. May first is the total LAST DAY to decide on your personal college choice. You MUST let the college fully understand by this go out with. There are ZERO exceptions!
  2. Produce thank you paperwork to every that helped one: recommendations, consultants, family, and even friends.
  3. Get AP terms to get university or college credit.

As you can see, there are a number tasks to finish during your senior year. If you’ve planned ahead and performed all you must have, you should be able to walk across that period at commencement breathing the sigh of relief you planned plus executed all step to find yourself in the college of your choice.