When in doubt, check with Vegas.
Is the star running back injured, or is the trainer just exercising a bit gamesmanship and phoning him daily? Is the point guard poised for a major match, or did he have a little too much fun last night away from home? Vegas does not always know, however, the handicappers can oftentimes be a good guide to the truth.
Those trusty gambling lines can teach us things if we’re paying attention. What can Vegas teach us around Alabama?
Well, if you have been paying attention to college football, you then know Alabama coach Nick Saban has played with his starting quarterback position near the vest. At first he wouldn’t name a starter, and today he is splitting time between Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts. Why? It’s not from the graciousness of heart.
Saban has two great quarterbacks, and he needs every edge over his opponents. Why allow Ole Miss to prepare for just 1 quarterback this weekend when he can create the Land Sharks prepare two?
Is Tagovailoa and Hurts going to continue to divide time today that SEC drama has started? Vegas believes it knows the answer, and also the handicappers are all in on Tua. Earlier this week, the Heisman futures made Tagovailoa the clear favorite for the award, shrinking his likelihood of winning it to 3-to-1.
He is now the odds-on preferred to win it, which is a pretty good indication that Ole Miss is going to have a large dose of the Tua Show on Saturday at Oxford. You know who continues to fail at putting on a display? Joe.
Joe went 4-4 against the spread last week after beginning the season 1-7. He cried, in other words, but Joe will need to do a lot better to grab the Pro. Take a look at last week!

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