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The weather in HK has been beautiful this summer — until this week. Ever so often things change then only do you realize how blessed your days have been.

The sailing conditions have been pretty amazing. We have had strong south-westerlies blowing into Stanley Bay, nice big waves brought in by typhoons, warm breeze under a clear blue sky, as well as some challenging conditions from unstable weather: huge thunderstorms bringing gusts of swirling winds, sudden heavy showers, struggling times on the water where you cannot see a thing whilst constantly being thrown around by mad waves. Whatever the conditions, it has been fun to be on the sea.

But today the moment I stepped outdoors, it was a sticky, hazy gray. The sky, the sea, and even the mountains were one colour—gray.


Where was the pretty scenery of southern HK Island with its green, mansions sitting on the hillsides, sailing boats (and for the last 3 weeks, a machine that looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie—the superyacht Adastra) rocking peacefully in Deep Water Bay, swimmers delightfully filling up the beach, and colourful windsurfers enjoying a nice fresh day out on the water!

Training becomes less enjoyable too. Sailing in the bay becomes sailing in a dull fog. The air is sticky and I can hardly breath deep.

Everybody realizes how bad the ‘fog’ is. The beautiful weather we got for so much of this summer makes me appreciate the natural beauty of Hong Kong. It is a reminder that I should do whatever little thing I can as an individual to pollute less and allow our future generations to enjoy our environment.